Monday, November 30, 2009

how time flies

On the last day of the month I managed to find some free minutes for a quick November overview. Luckily, this November could be described only with one sentence - it was very very busy month. And that's all... In the column TODO there are many records, while in HAPPENED almost nothing interesting (except the completed work at the university and my 2 jobs).

Interesting stuff I found in Internet:

Google fight: Google Fight Not only funny, but it also can be helpful. For example, if you're not sure about the correct spelling of a word. :) However... the first things I put in conflict were: Apple and Microsoft.. Won't tell you the result... Watch the fight yourself.

The second worthVisiting site is Sorry Gottago!
I suppose it can find application in the reality, but the main point is certainly not the application but the clever idea.

And now.. for something completely serious... :) My fave BBC news in the past few weeks (actually, only their titles):

1. Commuter cat is star of bus route
2. Hi-tech holy water calms flu fear
3. Windows 7 borrowed 'look' of Mac
4. Bangladesh men jailed for beating crocodile
5. Australian aims to breed 'green' sheep that burp less
6. 'Thatcher dead' text sparks fears

Oh, yes.. Yesterday I watched the best from all movies I watched this year (if no surprises in December). The movie is called O'Horten and guess, who's the director... :) That threw me back in the 2006, when I was part of the Sofia International Film Festival team... Some pictures from these happy times:

Here: [left] Jim Stark (the producer of "Factotum") , me in the middle and [right] Bent Hamer (the director of "Factotum" and "O'Horten".. and "Kitchen Stories")

With Sir Alan Parker (on the SIFF closing party)

The whole team from the International Guests department @ the final party

Stefan Kitanov (the boss of Sofia IFF), Stefan Laudyn (Warsaw IFF) and Andreas Ströhl (Munich IFF)

With Matthieu (I still can't write his family name.. :) too difficult :P , but he is one of the Cannes FF movie selectors)

With Kami (my best friend from the team.. phew, I haven't seen her for centuries... :( )

With Tim Oliehoek (director of "Too fat too furious")

The last one is special for me.. :) On this picture - Terry Jones from Monty Python.. :) And now... for something completely different..