Friday, April 16, 2010

Questions and answers

Recently, I was busy dreaming strange dreams about robots (it is side effect from the preparation for my last university exam). For example, yesterday I met a robot, who said " Aa, oh, hi Zlatka..". I was, of course, shocked (how could it know my name?) and soon after that I asked its owner and understood, that the robot connects via wifi with Internet and has an access to the Google face-recognition database. Someone has tagged me somewhere and the robot just used the fancy face recognition service that google offers.. :) (I'm not even sure, that google offers such thing).. However… Suddenly, I realized that google must know everything, therefore I rushed asking the old questions about the meaning of life, love and anything which is supposed to have no answer. Here's what came on the surface (or at least the stuff I consider closer to the truths):

What is the question to the answer "42"?
Answer: What is President Bush's IQ?
Alternative answer: What do you call a six-pack of 7-Up?
Here's one more "spiritual" interpretation of this question: What's 6 (number of man) times 7 (number of God)? (.. but hell! How did he/she calculate these numbers???!!!)
Some other nice answers:
What is the atomic number of molybdenum?
How many teeth do wolves and dogs have?
At what age did Elvis Presley die?

Second question:
What is the rare quality that would make you set a woman apart from the rest?
Answer: The rare quality of possessing many rare qualities.

Next question:
If you set grizzly bear, crocodile and tiger fighting pairwise, who will win?
grizzly bear vs. crocodile - 0:1
grizzly bear vs tiger - 0:1
The final round: tiger vs crocodile: 1:0
and the winner is: the tiger
Just for fun, two more interesting results from another league:
puppy vs robot: 2:1
elephants vs tourists: 6:0

Another question, I already regret asking:
What future looks like?
Here's the long answer, but be bewared : the long answer
The visual answer: the visual answer
And here's the short answer: the short answer

And the last fundamental question:
Is there an afterlife?
Since it was extremely difficult to find out a convincing answer, I've decided to make a fight between the people who believe there is a life after death and who don't. And …. the majority doesn't believe… or.. to be more precise - the majority human beings who use Internet and shared their opinion about this topic online do NOT believe in life after death. However, the big problem here is, that no matter of what we believe, after life may or may not exist. Which reminds me to ask google:
Does a universe exist if nobody knows about its existence?
And… the answer given by the Descartes and approved by the Solipsism is:
because: "Only things that can be known to exist for sure should be considered to exist."

now we know...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

swarm robots

And the news-braking line:
"so ... no risk that the robots may take over" ;)
we can now sleep well...