Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you make a phone call from a black hole?

In the past few weeks I discovered an important statistical rule: If the half of the questions get their reasonable answers, the proportion between answers/question gets even smaller. I have no theoretical proof of this rule, but empirically everyone is sure about the correctness.

So, back to the answer.. No, you can't make a phone call from a black hole. But you can theoretically send an sms to somebody you definitely appreciate, just in parts of the second before you vanish forever. (although the concept of "forever" needs also discussion) :)
Here's the proof: NakedScientists Podcast

And just to fill the hole between two points in time, 1 more brain teaser:

Why does a mirror reverse right and left instead of up and down? (lol)

have fun,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My fave movie recently :) amazingly weird

Ode to the Internet

After the last year's Nobel Prize for Peace mistake Obama, I expect this year a lot more freaky things to happen. But try to understand me right, I have nothing against Obama, just find it funny winning Nobel prize for peace, because you haven't made war. (although the definition of "peace" allows it). The eskimos also have no offensive ideas to fire some "rotten" part of the world, but they usually don't get anything..
This year, We, the People of the World have our favorite candidate - the Internet . Internet reflects us, our intentions and for the first time, we don't seem to be the "bad guys". We ran to search justice for the middle east (although it wasn't quite our job), we helped Haiti and we done many many good things.. And despite of the fact that this doesn't have direct relationship with the peace, it's quite fair to give the Nobel Prize for Peace to all of us, who try to bring back the harmony. It sounds idealistic, but it is not. It's just fair. Therefore VOTE FOR INTERNET. :)

p.s. Another interesting story about the Internet: Internet access is 'a fundamental right'

Recommendation: see the "findings in detail". There I found the lines:
"Germans are also the least frequent users of social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, with only 18 per cent saying they enjoy spending time on these sites." :) …. which is the pure truth…