Wednesday, February 16, 2011


These little robotic creatures are working hardly. The red army is trying to sort the red blocks, the green army - the green blocks. Of course, this process takes time and unfortunately, I don't have enough space on my cell phone.

:) They have, of course leaders. These are robots that place themselves somewhere and wait for the others from the army to store collected blocks around the selected location.
They can also, communicate with each other, but only with very simple messages, like.. "Hey, I'm here, in front of you, let's both turn left, or we'll crash." (ok, not exactly this way.. however..)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

sursum corda

That's what one very special for me person used to say..

My grandpa passed away on 16th December.. It happend the same day I spent on the airport waiting for the plane to take me home.. He was the most amazing human being in the world and what I learned from him is that there is nothing stronger than the human spirit and nobody wiser than the one, who is thinking with the hearts of the other people.

There are moments like this one, when I'm about to lose my belief that the sun will rise tomorrow, but then, I think I can hear him, calm and wise, like always, saying 'cheer up your heart!'.. and, of course, the morning comes...