Tuesday, October 29, 2013


:) I've moved my blog to a new address.  I would gladly tell you how to find my new home, but it would be too easy, wouldn't it? Therefore, we can play a game. First to post the new address gets a chocolate. I can ship all over the world, so.. Let's see how easy it is to find something hidden on the web. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An anti-gravity kitty called Newton

Quite a lot of time passed since my last post. Seriously, this time, I wasn't lazy, but too busy.

Just kiddin', I played final fantasy and read comics..

Anyway, let's not waste the precious reader's time. Right to the point of this post, namely science and why we actually believe in it *. Actually, all the noise is only due to this quote I wanted to share at any cost, just because it summarises my feelings about the future of humanity thanks to science:

"The oil will never run out. It's not because we have a lot of it. It's not because we'll gonna build a billion windmills. It's because, well, thousands of years ago people had ideas, inventions, technology and the stone age ended. Not because we ran out of stones… "

Richard Sears "Planning for the end of oil" TED

* (I know you expected a picture of cat and here is the official sorry for disappointing you: Deeply, truly sorry!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

not asking the right question

"The question is not whether intelligent machines can have any emotions, but whether machines can be intelligent without any emotions." (Marvin Minsky)

penguins and ostriches

"It's not bad to start with "Birds can fly." and later change it into "birds can fly, unless they are penguins or ostriches". But if you continue to seek perfection, your rules will turn into monstrosities:

Birds can fly, unless they are penguins or ostriches, or if they happen to be dead, or have broken wings, or are confined to cages, or have their feet stuck in cement, or have undergone experiences so dreadful, as to render them incapable of flight.

Unless we treat exceptions separately, they'll wreck all the generalizations we may try to make. 

We almost never find rules that have no exceptions- except in certain special artificial worlds that we ourselves create by making up their rules and regulations to begin with. Artificial realms like mathematics and theology are built from the start to be devoid of interesting inconsistency. But we must be careful not to mistake our own inventions for natural phenomena we have discovered. To insist on perfect laws in real life is to risk not finding any laws at all."