Saturday, October 31, 2009

Clockwise Operetta

Last week I bought the best game ever! :) From the same team as Samorost, but this time entitled Machinarium. Really interesting stuff with wonderful graphics and magic soundtrack!

z in love tick tick tick

Oh! :) It was wonderful! ("Splendid! Splendid!" as John Cleese says..)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cats in the concert hall

My trip to Rome as a photo story:

The greatest Current 93 fan. Almost impossible to CATch him, but the success's worth. :)

There's the reason why I moved my ass to Rome. Not because of the sightseeing (hate hate hate sightseeing), but just see the live performance of David Tibet and to feel the atmosphere of the town.

Here: me eating caramel - chocolate ice.

Pizza-pasta automat.

The Fountain with predatory swans in front of the Pantheon.

Picture in front of the Pantheon (where a bottle of Chardonnay passed away gracefully)

Must confess: the italians make wonderful capuccino, but in the beer competitions - they are history.

Graffitti near Termini station.

no need to comment

no need to comment

Ancient FANTA (burried in the holes of the Colosseum centuries ago)

Black cat under car.

Ardecore, Sarah Dietrich and David Tibet

The famous Trevi fountain (without the the tourists' heads)

The city of Vatican.

..and again


Langweilig pt.2

San Pietro

The bridge of the Angels

Mountain view from the plane...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

8bit poems

Inspired from the 2.0 poetry of Rives, I've decided recently to update my poetic misunderstandings to a next level. Besides, this genre helps me more clearly to express my point of view:

/* this one involves elements from the classic love poetry, but offers kind of solution for the classic love problems */

should I always get this alert,
your heartdisk has not enough space?
or you would better buy another one?
or you would better delete some unused files
from the old one?
if (it doesn't work)
I should take some action.
Like kickin' your box through the window
or showing my blue screen:
running out of patience.

/* this one is inspired from a false geek image, but statistically quite possible to be true. At least 50% of the poem applied to 50% of the geeks. */

The real geeks
have default food value: pizza
with default attribute: deep_frozen
Their "DoYouWannaCoffee" variable
is set to "yes"
(again by default)
and if you try to bother them
with a high level questions
like "What is the meaning of life?"
they throw a

/* the next one examines one important business strategy */

i do not know
how their algorithms function
but there are some general approaches
working perfectly in the general cases..
loading smile
while a destruction daemon
is running its jobs in the background

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today I saw the new place of the department where I write my "Studienarbeit". The building is former children' clinic, pretty dark but somehow cosy despite of the ghosty atmosphere. I met there Dominik, who returned from a robotics conference in Japan few days ago. We chatted a little and this gave me the idea to make a list with the cutest robots, which won't be a simple task, because I don't know where to put the border. I mean, should I include also bots without any trace of intellect, or better choosing among the most advanced ones. However:

1st place: QRIO (Sony)

He's not only cute, but also clever. He can communicate with people, play football, but most importantly - he can learn. Unfortunately, this pleasure costs more than 50000$ (not exactly sure about the price).

2nd place: ApriPoko (Toshiba)

:) sweet: robot which is also universal remote control. He has camera and responds to a voice commands.

3rd place: PLEN (Systec Akazawa)

The unique thing for PLEN is his ability to balance very well when skating. Not simply task at all. And his price is also acceptable - around 2000$.

4th place: PaPeRo (NEC)

This babies can sing, send sms, talk with people and lots of other things. They are specially developed to watch over children. Wow. :) But the intelligence has its price...

5th place: Nuvo (ZMP)

Another home friend. He isn't an AI, but at least he can respond to some voice commands. Price: ~7000$.

And, btw, I also met Edy today. She is an african princess and owns the largest smile ever.

Unfortunately, Emilian wasn't there. He is no more with us. He must be sitting somewhere in Seattle working hardly for our enemy and not regretting for anything. Especially because he must have a new strawberry shaker and a huge sea window view. I miss him.. We used to play hacky sack. He has a very big heart, even bigger than Eddie's smile (if the both things are comparable).

After a hard emotional disaster, which left me disabled for the rest of my life, I'm again on my way. But one personal note: what doesn't kill you, doesn't make you stronger either.