Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An anti-gravity kitty called Newton

Quite a lot of time passed since my last post. Seriously, this time, I wasn't lazy, but too busy.

Just kiddin', I played final fantasy and read comics..

Anyway, let's not waste the precious reader's time. Right to the point of this post, namely science and why we actually believe in it *. Actually, all the noise is only due to this quote I wanted to share at any cost, just because it summarises my feelings about the future of humanity thanks to science:

"The oil will never run out. It's not because we have a lot of it. It's not because we'll gonna build a billion windmills. It's because, well, thousands of years ago people had ideas, inventions, technology and the stone age ended. Not because we ran out of stones… "

Richard Sears "Planning for the end of oil" TED

* (I know you expected a picture of cat and here is the official sorry for disappointing you: Deeply, truly sorry!)

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